Products Liability

Richardson Law Group administers litigation services to companies or individuals facing allegations of negligence, breach of warranty and strict liability. Companies defended by Richardson Law Group will engage with attorneys who exhibit a hands-on approach to defending them, as our attorneys are present during every step of the litigation process. They are trained to investigate the defective product and the source of negligence. Our attorneys do not exclude any strategy and pursue all avenues necessary in order to construct the best defense possible while guiding the company or individual throughout the entire process.

Our lawyers have ample experience representing individuals, companies and insurance carriers in product liability litigation. Manufacturers who distribute hundreds of varieties of products are under intense legal scrutiny for their products’ performance. Our attorneys understand the variety of causes of action that a manufacturer or distributor can face, as well as the many defenses that are available to them. We have the attention to detail and dedication to develop your case.

Product liability cases can be extremely complex, crossing jurisdictional lines and often involving numerous parties. We realize that a product liability case is often not an isolated incident, and can result in a large class action lawsuit. At Richardson Law Group, our attorneys have experience handling challenging and complex lawsuits, and we can represent your company against a claim of product defect whether it involves a single plaintiff or hundreds of plaintiffs.

Sometimes product liability cases can also involve allegations of catastrophic injury. Our legal team has decades of experience with wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases, and our firm understands the sensitive nature of these cases and the attention to detail that these cases require. 

Representative matters

In 2006, a plaintiff was riding as a passenger in a golf cart when the driver swerved and the cart started to roll. The plaintiff jumped, but the cart rolled on top of him and fractured his vertebrae, leaving him paraplegic. He sued the manufacturer of the golf cart, alleging a defect, as well as the distributor that had supplied the carts. At trial, Richardson Law Group defended the distributor, arguing that not only did the distributor have no duty to maintain the golf carts, but there was also no evidence that they did anything negligently that would have caused any injury to the plaintiff. The defendants’ argument was so effective that the case did not survive past the plaintiff’s case-in-chief, with the judge granting a directed verdict in favor of the golf cart distributor. Kessnick v. Century Equipment, Gallatin Circuit Court, 06-0080.  See KYTCR report.